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At Varicose Laser Clinic Dr. Uddhav Patil has been performing vein surgeries for last 31 years. As a Laser Surgeon in addition to the foam sclerotherapy he is using 1064 nm Nd:YAG external laser for telangiectasias, spider veins and smaller varicose veins since last twelve years. Nine year back we added EndoVenous Diode Lasers with 940 & 980 nm wavelengths. After gaining initial experience with Diodes of EndoVenous Laser Therapy, we upgraded the technology to the latest. On 14th June 2007 we commissioned India’s first 1320 nm CoolTouch Nd:YAG EndoVenous Laser and for last 6 & ½ years we have been using it successfully.

In EVLT Nd:YAG technology has distinct advantages over the earlier Diode technology.  1320 nm wavelength of the laser is directly absorbed in the vein wall rather than in the blood as is the case with the diodes.  This prevents heating of the blood and therefore true to its name  ‘CoolTouch’ is much patient friendly.  The automated fibre pull back device being  unique to the CoolTouch system is not found with any of the diode systems and assures uniform laser energy delivery along the length of the vein.   It is a day care procedure and the patient is allowed to walk immediately after.

At Varicose Laser Clinic we undertake comprehensive management of the Vein problems.  This includes a thorough evaluation of the present status of the venous system of the legs with a Triplex Colour Doppler system.  Triplex Colour Doppler is superior to commonly used Duplex Colour Doppler in detecting reflux blood flow in the smaller veins and perforators.  This step is very vital in mapping the venous system and has a direct bearing on the ultimate outcome of the endovenous laser treatment.  With the help of this Dr. Uddhav Patil has developed a special technique to block even the smallest of the incompetent perforators.  After evaluation we prepare a treatment plan depending upon the clinical stage of the condition, Doppler findings and patient’s social condition as well as working pattern or life style.  After carrying out the treatment plan we give proper advice for preventing the recurrence in the remaining veins.

We offer very attractive Tourism Packages to our overseas clients as India is a very sought after tourist destination.  Goa which is famous for its golden beaches is just four hours drive from our place. The treatment cost at our centre is much less compared to any other country for such advanced technology.  See more details at ‘Medical Tourism.

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