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CoolTouch CTEV™ Laser System

CTEV is an acronym for CoolTouch EndoVenous. Endo means inside and Venous refers to the veins. The CoolTouch CTEV laser has a 1320 nm wavelength, which has been found to be the most comfortable and effective laser treatment for varicose veins. The 1320 nm wavelength requires less heat to close the vein than Diode lasers, which have an 810, 940 or 980 wavelength. The high heat generated by Diode lasers can actually rupture the vein causing significant pain, swelling and bruising. With the CoolTouch CTEV, you will receive the best results available. True to its name ‘CoolTouch’ after the EndoVenous procedure you will experience minimal, if any, pain, bruising or post-op complications and the success rate is 98 -100%.
How does the CoolTouch CTEV 1320 nm laser work?
With the CoolTouch CTEV, a small single needle incision is made in the leg and a fiber is inserted into the varicose vein. The laser is activated and as the fiber is moved through the vein it gently heats and safely closes the vein. Once the vein is closed, the blood that was circulating through this vein is simply rerouted to other healthy veins and the varicose vein essentially vanishes.
A Simple Office-Based Procedure
The CoolTouch CTEV procedure is minimally invasive and is performed right in your doctor’s office. You are awake during the entire procedure, but you will not feel any pain, as your leg will be numbed using a local anesthesia. The entire procedure will take less than one hour per leg treated.
Cosmetically Pleasing Results
One of the tremendous benefits of the CoolTouch CTEV procedure is that patients do not experience the incision scars or bruising that are often present with alternative treatments. Rarely does bruising occur when the CoolTouch CTEV procedure is performed alone. And since the incision is so small, no stitches are necessary.
Rapid Relief from Symptoms
Your symptoms will begin to improve immediately after the CoolTouch CTEV procedure is completed. However, depending on their severity, some symptoms may take 1-2 weeks to completely disappear.
Quick Return to Work and Play
After the procedure, your leg will be wrapped in a compression bandage and you will be up and walking within 30 minutes. You will be able to resume routine activity the same day and athletic or strenuous activities within several days.
1320 nm Vs. Diodes
  1. 1320 nm absorbed by water and collagen in vein wall
  2. Gentle heating contracts vein leading to closure
  3. Minimal to no post-op pain and bruising
  1. Without blood, Diode energy  penetrates through vein wall
  2. With blood present, high blood absorption by Diodes can cause extremely high temperatures and vein rupture
  3. Can cause pain, bruising and post-op complications
CTEV Benefits: The CoolTouch
  • Most comfortable laser procedure available
  • Rapid relief of symptoms
  • Relatively pain free
  • No downtime
  • Minimal, if any, scarring
  • No general anesthesia
  • Quick, office-based procedure
With the CoolTouch CTEV laser treatment, you can easily be free from these symptoms almost immediately with a simple, virtually pain-free office-based procedure. Many people have put off treatment for their varicose veins thinking they would have to face vein stripping, which is a major surgery requiring hospitalization, general anesthesia, several weeks of recovery time, and results in significant scarring, pain and other potential risks and complications.
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